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Monday, February 14, 2011

Pull, Move, Shove Your Sofa!

It seems that there is more to February, our shortest month of the year, than just little winged cuties indiscriminately shooting arrows at unsuspecting victims.  February is also Pull Your Sofa Off the Wall month.  You have never heard of that before?  Me either.  So I turned to internet research to make sure I understood exactly what Pull Your Sofa Off the Wall was all about.  The first thing I found out is that it would have been more appropriately titled, “Move Your Sofa Away from the Wall”.  

This is the month to take a contemplative look at your living or family room – any room that has a sofa or couch.  So as not to discriminate, I’m fairly certain that love seats, settees, davenports, daybeds and futons also qualify.  Apparently, you need to move your sofa away from the wall to see if there is a better furniture arrangement.  According to several blogs dedicated to this subject, it is also the time to give the room a good cleaning.  Apparently there is no need to wait for spring cleaning.  Who knew?  I certainly didn’t.

I am reminded of the house that I grew up in, the house that my Mama still lives in.  When we moved there, Mama found a living room arrangement she liked.  One she really, really liked.  Although I was barely 7 years old when we moved, I have no trouble remembering the configuration of our living room.  That’s because until last year my Mama never changed it.  That’s right.  For the next 41 years our living room stayed basically the same.  Mama never heard about Pull Your Sofa Off the Wall month either.

Unlike my Mama, I simply love moving furniture around.  It is something that I do often and not just in February.  Many years ago my hubby-then-boyfriend shared a tip on moving furniture – probably so he wouldn’t have to help every time the whim hit me to rearrange the room.  He showed me how to put the legs of furniture on towels or a blanket so that the piece would slide easily around the room without scratching the floor.  Using his little trick I can easily rearrange an entire room all by myself.

As a general rule I have found that most men hate this sort of thing.  My son-in-law will crawl into his bed and pull the covers over his head if he finds out that my daughter and I are planning to rearrange their living room furniture.  To say he hates it, well, that is putting it mildly.  Over the years I have also heard stories of men landing on their butts in the middle of the floor because they didn’t realize that their wife had moved the recliner.  Men don’t understand because unless they are tripping over a table every time they step through the door, everything looks perfectly fine just the way it is.

When I found out that February was Pull Your Sofa Off the Wall month, I confess that my imagination went a little wild.  Pull your sofa off the wall?  All I could think was that I never knew there were people who had sofas hanging from their walls.  No, my hair is not blonde.  I am a brunette-turned-gray gal who has quite the daffy imagination. 

So briefly I had visions of sofas suspended on living room walls.  Which brought to question what would be the appropriate height?  Just enough to dangle your feet?  Or much higher for thrills?  But how would you climb up and down?  Sofa step-stools?  Or rolling sofa ladders similar to library ladders?  Eventually my sensible side dashed that entire line of thought.  In all seriousness, sofas on the wall would require a major support system inside the wall.  Then there is the quandary of where to find custom-made sofa brackets.  It’s totally impractical.

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