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Friday, February 3, 2012

Betcha Can’t Pop Just One

Last week on January 25, 2012 it was the 52nd anniversary of the invention of that great stress reliever - BubbleWrap™!

First let’s get the boring, yet somewhat interesting, details out of the way.  In 1957 two scientists you have probably never heard of invented what they thought was going to make them incredibly rich - the coolest wallpaper ever.  The bad news was that their new textured wallpaper flopped.  The good news was that by 1960 they realized that the product worked better as a packing insulation.  BubbleWrap™ was born!

If things had gone according to plan for the inventors, then we would have had BubbleWrap™ wallpaper to compliment all that shag carpet back in the 1970s.  Shall we burst that bubble of an idea?  Pop!

Now let’s move on to the fun aspects of everyone’s favorite packing insulator.  Did you know that Office Depot has sold enough bubble each year to wrap around the Earth.  Twice.  That is almost 8,000 miles of BubbleWrap™!

In the 1998 publication, “The BubbleWrap™ Book”, the cover boasts hundreds of creative and wacky uses for BubbleWrap™.  One such idea in the book is the BubbleWrap™ bottom buffer, an alternative to the padded toilet seat. Then there is the BubbleWrap™ burgler alarm where you lay BubbleWrap™ on the floor inside your doors and windows.  When you awake to the sound of “pop-pop-pop-pop-pop” you will either think that someone with a machine gun is in your house or you will know that a thief is walking across the BubbleWrap™ on the floor.

The next time you are camping out, fold a 12-foot piece of BubbleWrap™ in half and duct tape the sides to create a cushion for your back while lying on the hard ground.  The book cautions, though, that if you are sleeping on the beach, high tide could cause you to float out to sea.

The discussion of loating brings us to another good use for BubbleWrap™ – a flotation device if that cruise ship gets too close to shore and tips over.  Just saying.

Ladies, no need to pay for expensive breast augmentation surgery!  Pad your bra with BubbleWrap™!  The books touts that the BubbleWrap™ gives a nice natural feeling without the nasty side effects of silicone implants.  The authors do post a disclaimer that you should not use BubbleWrap™ as a substitute for silicone during surgery.

BubbleWrap™ has also invaded the Fashion World.  The designs seem limitless with fashion statements such as ball caps, vests, coats, blouses, bikinis, prom dresses, and even wedding dresses.  Although in my opinion the latter ones would seem to be for the person who has nothing to hide!

Not too long ago I found some BubbleWrap™ and decided to cut it into small pieces and put it in my grandchildren’s toy box.  On their next visit, the excitement over a piece of plastic far eclipsed their notice of the toys.  You would have thought those pieces of BubbleWrap™ were made of gold.  Pop! Pop! Pop!

Now I must ask a couple of questions.  Do you get excited when you open a package and discover shredded newspaper?  Does a styrofoam peanut cause you to think of it with affection?  I would dare say no, unless you are my friend, Bob, who once accidentally fed a co-worker styrofoam peanuts.  But that is another story for another day.

Only the allure of BubbleWrap™ can inspire in us feelings of excitement and affection.  No other packing material has such stress-relieving qualities with the simple – yet satisfying – finger-and-thumb sounds of pop-pop-pop!  In celebration of your anniversary, O-Beloved-BubbleWrap™, we “pop” the top of the champagne bottle!


 On January 25th, my best friend from high school,
Janiece Duke Kelly, and I celebrated 45 years
of friendship!
Pat 'n Niecey

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