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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Children, Do Not Interrupt...And Other Lessons Learned

While thumbing through an old book of mine - one filled with good clean jokes – I came across this one. 

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While growing up, this was a firm rule in our home – my brother and I were not to interrupt adult conversations.  When my favorite aunt and uncle would visit us, the adults always sat around the kitchen table, having conversations that I considered completely boring.  While playing in another room I still have fond memories of the laughter that emanated around that kitchen table when friends and family visited.   

When I did need to talk to my Mama, I knew to go stand beside her chair and wait for either a break in the conversation or for my mother to acknowledge me.  My Aunt Lila, a dear and sweet woman, would talk and talk.  And talk.  At those times she seemed completely unaware of my presence.  If what I had to say was important – at least in my little mind – I would stand patiently next to my Mama's chair.   Other times I remember walking away and coming back later, hoping for a “break” in their conversation. 

Sometimes Mama would hold up a finger for me to wait a little longer.  Then she would put her arm around my waist and pull me close so I would know that my chance to talk was imminent.  She would interrupt Aunt Lila at an appropriate moment and say “Just a moment, Lila” and then turn to me.  “Did you need something, sweetie?”  

At these times my Mama was teaching me several things.  Respect your elders.  Be patient.  And most importantly, she was letting me know that the things I had to say, no matter how childish, were important, too.

Young parents of today, are you teaching your children these important lessons?

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