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I'm from the baby boomer generation. I have a mop of white hair, courtesy of my gene pool. And a botox-free face that sports frown lines in the forehead and around the eyes. Love handles instead of a waistline. Can't say I'm exactly crazy about any of these old age indicators but I accept them with grace. And now I've lived long enough now that I ponder on a lot of things, new and old.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Yard Sale Loot!

Sharing photos of some of the loot (i.e. junk, treasures, bargains) the hubby and I found over the course of two days at the World's Longest Yard Sale last weekend (August 1-4, 2013).

1950's Lucky Strike Tin

1950's Eye Glasses Holder Pin - A Little Owl
with Cateye Glasses.
Found at an Estate Sale in Mentone

along the yard sale route.

Sewing Christmas Ornament

Old Metal Scotch Tape Dispenser
atop a Wood Plane Block

Old medicine bottle Humphries Insomina Cure

Plastic Miracle Maid Salt & Pepper Shakers
Either late 1960s or the 1970s

Sewing Basket full of wooden spools
and a Pin Cube
Vintage Neuss Bros Ltd
100-count Pin Cube
[Found in sewing basket above]

1995 Hallmark Christmas Ornament
of the 1959 Barbie

Lightening McQueen Lamp

Vintage Metal Doll Stroller
[Added my daughter's
1970s Gerber Baby Doll]

Annie Oakley's Dresser Top
Little Girl's Hand Mirror | Toy Gun | Red Beaded Necklace

A whimsical cake plate that I picked up for a fellow photographer.


These two Crowers are balanced on the pole.
They swing back and forth
or go round and round!

A sweet cart that will be a plant stand
on the front porch.

A rusty tricycle was probably
a wine bottle holder in a previous life.

Corn Cob Screw Driver
Yep, that's what I said.
Also a rusted out ash bucket
to become a flower pot.

This is "Snigger" (not Trigger), newest addition to the Yard Zoo.
I liked him because he has ATTITUDE!

A cute planter!
Already drilled holes in the bottom
and put in plants.

1923 Swans Down Flour Bundt 
Cake Pan with Side Vents
It was to be a planter until I found out
it was so old.  Now undecided!

1930s-40s Nesco DeLuxe Oil Heater
The wooden low plant table

was another bargain.


  1. Ya did good girl! If I ever go I want you to go with me. You find some great treasures.

  2. oh I'm so glad I got on fb today (not my usual thing) and I'm gonna add THIS like to the end of your other blog in the upcoming newsletter! Hugs! (I want the Barbie and the S&P shakers!)

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