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I'm from the baby boomer generation. I have a mop of white hair, courtesy of my gene pool. And a botox-free face that sports frown lines in the forehead and around the eyes. Love handles instead of a waistline. Can't say I'm exactly crazy about any of these old age indicators but I accept them with grace. And now I've lived long enough now that I ponder on a lot of things, new and old.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Two Old Gals in PJ's

It Was Another Pajama Party…46 Years Later!

One of my best friends from high school, Janiece Duke Kelley ('71), just celebrated her birthday with a great BIG FAT ZERO on the end of it.  Those in our class know which number that would be.  Our paths crossed in our early childhood as I shared classes with Janiece at Elm Street Elementary School.  

Janiece & Pat in 3rd Grade
Mrs. Newton's Class | Elm Street
We were not friends yet, but would be!

In junior high Janiece invited me to her 14th Birthday Pajama Party. Even though it was her birthday, attending that slumber party gave me a gift I had never had before:  a best friend.  It was the beginning of our life-long friendship.

Fast forward to now.  I’m still younger than her…just saying, Janiece.  At my age, I'm planning on having all the fun I can while I can.  Surprisingly the outgoing, vivacious best friend of my youth was reluctant to go along with my idea of another pajama party.  She balked because I wanted to go to a public restaurant in our pajamas!  Instead of jumping on board for the fun, Janiece was running the other way with me hanging on to the back of her shirt.  I was like a dog with a bone and didn’t let go until she agreed.  It was just like old times, arguing with each other until I won. 

Janiece (left) & Pat (right)
No photos of our first pajama party, but 
documented this one 46 years later!

The PJ Party at a table in corner at LaMarie’s (Broad Street, Rome) included a special lunch identical to ones we once enjoyed as teens in her Mama’s kitchen.  Banana sandwiches, potato chips, Kit-Kat candy bars, and ice cold Coca-Cola in a glass bottle.  For more authenticity, we deliberately talked about boys. Those boys must be, well, our age by now! 

I think that we may have had more fun at the 2nd Pajama Party than we did at the first one.  Of course, my memory fails me at times so can’t be 100% sure.  

Time changes some things.  Like my brain drain.  Our hair is white and the wrinkles are creeping in.  We weigh, oh, a pound or two more.  Yet other things never change.  Some things are steadfast.  Like our friendship and the fact that I will always be youngest!

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